French Cottage Bedroom-Shop the Look Room Style Guide

Happy Tuesday you guys!! I am completely procrastinating my organization overhaul and decided it was instead time to whip up a new mood room board! I like to do these as often as I can for you guys because I think its an incredibly simple way to put a room together without having to spend a dime on an interior decorator! If designing a space is not something you feel confident doing I hope that these room boards will help serve as a guideline to help you achieve the look you maybe struggle to put together yourself!! This particular room is a little more elegant and I have dubbed it the french cottage bedroom!!

I have linked the bed, nightstand and media cabinet below, but you will also find there there are so many more pieces to this set of furniture on Amazon to fit your room's particular needs so I love that there are more options beyond what I've shared here!! I kept the pallet of this room super simple and soft, but you could take things up a notch and do more than just a soft cream on the walls and go for a warm blue green color to match the other elements in the room!!

I also divided up the night stand into his and hers night stands with some minimal accessories for each! the vintage inspired brass lamp on the more masculine night stand is one my favorite elements of the room!!

The drapes are a sheer velvet texture, and would allow for ample light to escape them! If you are looking to keep things dark though, you could layer a solid light blocking drape underneath them! I have done that in my home and just secured them to the single rod using a bungee cord behind the prettier set (shh!!! don't share my secret bungee cord trick!)

As an added surprise one of the main elements of this room is free... I bet you can guess if you've been around here long enough what that might be! The print above the bed: "you belong with me" I saved the JPG of this file to a 24x16 inch size so you can print it that large or even larger and really fill that space above the bed and top it off with a frame like this one I share how to make in THIS post!

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Free Printable Terms of use: This download is for personal use only, it cannot be sold or distributed in anyway or used to in conjunction with items for sale. If you wish to share this print on your blog I ask that you link back to me and that all downloads take place here on this post. Thank you so much for your coperation! Additionally you may change the size of this quote as long as it doesn't alter the original design.

I hope you enjoyed this latest room board!! For more inspiration on styling rooms be sure to check out these other mood boards before you go!! thanks so much for stopping by!

XO Haley