Free Vintage Bathroom Printables

Hey there! Today I am bringing you a new set of 8 vintage inspired bathroom printables! I whipped these up because I have been working on updating my kids bathroom! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you can see sneak peaks of all of my projects before they get published on the blog!!  I spent the better part of last week shiplapping over the ugly dark green color I had painted it several years ago! If you are interested in how I shiplapped the room you can follow my tutorial which I shared in this post! I have a very cost effective way to shiplap any space and this room was actually left over from a previous room that got shiplapped! For your convience this post contains affiliate links

Free vintage bathroom prints- you don't have to brush your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep-

You guys know how picky I am about wall art. I struggle to find things that fit my farmhouse style and are affordable enough for me to feel worthy to invest in. For these two reasons I like free printables. I can easily update art in my home and not even spend a dime doing so! I struggle with committing to décor long term so I have found that free printables like these vintage bathroom printables are a great solution.

Added bonus with these free bathroom printables is that they have gentle and sorta funny reminders to help keep your guests, husbands, wives, or children in check as they occupy the lavatory! Trust me when I say that each of these sayings I picked because I may or may not need to remind my kids of these things DAILY! One can only hope that someday they might stick!

Wash your hands. No seriously. Free vintage bathroom

I also think I owe you all a further explanation for why things have been a little quite around here! My husband and I went under contract for a 4+ Acer property near by a few weeks ago. All was going well we were frantically painting and prepping our current home to be rented and made it as far as the inspection on the new place. Unfortunately all our plans came crashing down when the inspection revealed a TON and I mean a TON of major issues with the house. The property was ultimately what we had fell in love with. It had a manufactured home on it that we planned to live in for several years while we saved to eventually build our dream home on the acreage.

Unfortunately with so many issues plaguing the manufactured home it just didn't make sense to move forward so we ultimately walked away. We are still on the hunt for the perfect place. But in the mean time I'm back to DIYing our current home! I still love it so much and if I could just plop it on some acreage It would be perfect!  The bathrooms have been on my list for a long time to spruce up! So the ugliest one got picked first!!! I have tried and failed a couple times to make it cute so here's hoping the 3rd time is win!!!

Sprinkles are for cupcakes not toilets-free vintage inspired bathroom

I'll be sharing more of this space soon so stay tuned! in the mean time I hope you enjoy these free vintage bathroom prints!

Terms of Use: These free printables are for personal use only. they may not be used for monetary gain of any degree, including but not limited to display in retail stores. They may also not be altered or changed by any degree to be re-purposed into "your own" art. You can however size them up or down for your personal needs. They are made specifically to fit 8x10 inch frames. 

Printing: I recommend printing them on heavier weighted paper such as card stock and setting your personal printer settings to "high or best quality"  If you plan to print them at a professionally printing store I would choose a matte finish.

free bathroom printables- please put your towel and clothes away house elves don't live

Click the button below to download the 8 Vintage inspired bathroom prints.

I hope you enjoy these free vintage bathroom printables! be sure to pin the image below to save them for later! and you will also find lots more free printables HERE!

Free Vintage inspired bathroom printables-funny quotes to hang up in the restroom-farmhouse

As always thanks so much for stopping by! I love having you here!

XO Haley